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Excella Worldwide: Where Vision evolves into Reality!

Your Preferred Sourcing & Procurement Partners for Furniture, Lights and Building Material


Excella Worldwide is the Sourcing & Procurement Specialist for requirement of Furniture, Lights & Building Material in Hospitality, Corporate, Real Estate, Education & Healthcare.


Excella Worldwide caters to the project demands of products like Furniture, Lights, Cladding, Decking, Flooring, Sanitary Ware, Decorative Items, FF&E and OS&E.


Excella Worldwide act as global sourcing partner for projects in Hospitality, Corporate Offices, Institutions, Healthcare, Residential & Commercial Real estate, and HNI residences.


Sourcing Simplified, Value Multiplied.

Requirement Gathering

We personally meet every one of our Clients, introduce Excella to them and work hand-in-hand with Clients to understand the complete requirements of your project.

Procurement Ideation

At this stage, based on an analysis of your requirement, we propose feasible options and customized solutions that will help you acquire what you need.

Sourcing & Verifying

We provide complete sourcing, supplier/manufacturer verification, quality inspection, translation and import management services to manage the entire sourcing process.

Trip Co-ordination

As part of our co-ordination services, we also provide miscellaneous services, which includes assistance in planning your entire Itinerary with Travel, Stay & local Transport during your procurement trip.

Project Co-ordination

As part of our sourcing and quality control services, we help you ensure that the entire sourcing process is a breeze, and at the end of it, you get the results you expect.

Quality Check

We have developed an elaborate quality control system suited to the industry which enables us to substantially reduce the risk of importing products from various vendors.

Container Planning

Consolidation of all materials, planning for export on basis of weight & cubic meter of the products ordered and accordingly arrange for containers to optimize shipping costs.

Loading of Materials

At this stage, we do container wise planning and management for loading of materials in the assigned containers. Our Loading team tries to utilize every CBM of the container at its best.


Shipping your goods to your destination is so important that you do not want to see any delays at this stage, especially after all the effort you’ve put into the procurement process.


We help our clients to provide them the doorstep delivery solution with utmost care for all the products in timely manner so that the project must sustain the given time line.

Installation Arrangement

After delivery of products, we will help you with any installation procedures. When needed, we can arrange for an installation team or individual technicians locally at the project site.

Effective Customer Care

In case of rare discrepancies, damage or any other issues, we help you solve them very quickly by co-ordinating with the concerned vendors on your behalf.


We believe in value addition - We love to create an environment that incorporate the feeling of luxury.

New & Innovative Products

Sourcing New & Innovative Products which are locally unavailable

International Quality

Availability of International Quality Products within Stipulated Budget

Look & Feel

Look & feel the exclusive products before buying

Technical Know How

Leveraging on latest technical know how of Manufacturers to develop customized products & solutions
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Distances & boundaries do not stop us from procuring the best of best for our clients.


At Excella Worldwide, we love to create an environment that combines the feeling of luxury in the quality, in the design, in the material, and at a fair and affordable price.

Corporate Spaces

Many corporate offices in the world talk about service. We talk about respect and we walk the talk. Respect for your office, respect for your culture, respect for your ideas and above all, respect for you.


Time changes and maybe the scenario changes too, but our Delivery DNA won’t. Education and Healthcare requirements needn’t be fancy. What you can’t figure out - does not work.

Commercial Real Estate

Our concept is all about you, your home, your office & your exciting taste for finer aspects of life. With Excella Worldwide, you can make your own choice in sourcing the best design, shape, size, colour and material.

Residential Real Estate

Our concept is all about you, your home and your exciting taste for finer aspects of life. Our staff will take it very seriously and never give up unless you are 100% happy.

HNI Residences

We think about you and your taste - it is all about making your home come together so you can enjoy the harmony of interior that will last for years. At Excella Worldwide, we ensure that these products not only look great, but work in your everyday life too.

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We are proud of our clients & We value not just their Projects, but their feelings for the projects.